Effen Haute - I take pride in what I do, and the bottom line is to ensure that we produce the best quality in Brand Management we have to offer, bar none!

Everyone has a first time in business and we know it's struggles. My passion is to make you or your brand relevant and to keep it relevant. Period!

Thank you for trusting me with your business, talent or event!

Please feel free to share your satisfaction with Effen Haute.

Thank you in advance!

Quotes Zayra is a hard worker. Her persistence with Effen Haute and it's clients has positioned Effen Haute to be a premier promotion company in NOLA. Zayra uses her organizational skills to keep folks informed with what's going on around NOLA and advertise local businesses. Her ability to create synergy around what she is passionate about is what makes her special. Quotes
Michael Jackson
Founder, Green Innovations, LLC

Quotes Zayra is energetic,driven, honest and a motivator! She is a positive woman that is always on the move. She expect the best from her clients. She give her honest opinion and she is passionate about her job! Her drive alone motivate me to exceed in my career! Quotes
Deandrea Green
Published Author, Your Time Publishing (colleague)

Quotes Effen Haute Promotions has brought a new flavor to the N.O. and I love it!!!!!!!!!! Z is a very strong worker..>>> We need more like Ya>>>>>>> Quotes
SouthernBell Marketing, LLC

Quotes LOVE the COVER! It definitely got and kept my attention. Quotes
Katrina Birden-Harrison

Quotes Im lovin it. Quotes
Pretty Azn'ScorLibran